Renovation and Home Design

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How does it work?

Contact me any time for an initial chat via email
Choose your package.
Send me your measurements.
I will then produce a  design for you to view.
I will make up to 3 sets of alterations.
When you are happy I will send a full set of coloured drawings to your email.
The drawings are yours to keep.

home1Independent kitchen designer

Freelance kitchen design sent to your email. I use the market leading software package (20:20 Fusion) which when used properly can create fantastic results as you can see if you view my design portfolio. The process is simple: either email or ring me for an informal initial chat about your proposed project. Next, if you wish to proceed I will take you through a step by step list to give me an idea of what you would like. I will then need a set of measurements and ideally a photograph of the room. I will then proceed with your design. If I have any thoughts and ideas whilst designing that maybe you haven’t considered then I will contact you and even send you a preview of the working drawings as we go along. That way we should be able to get it right first time! Independent kitchen designers like myself will be able to give you honest thoughts and ideas on what will look and work best for you.
Over the years I’ve learnt to listen to people, which I feel is very important when producing bespoke designs. Every kitchen is different and needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical enough for every day use. As well as design I can also help you with ideas on the latest in appliances, gadgets and state of the art storage solutions. If budget is important I can give this great consideration whilst planning.
The kitchen industry has changed such a lot over the last few years with the arrival of the internet which has given consumers immense choice and access to products at extremely competitive prices. As a result of this, few and fewer retailers are prepared to offer up a design service where customers can take away and keep plans free of charge with out making some sort of financial commitment. By using freelance kitchen designers customers get a professionally drawn plan and shopping list, perfect for negotiating a good deal on a new kitchen, be that from a high street studio or online retailer.